ProRacingX OBD 2 performance chip
Our device is dedicated to all vehicles with OBD 2 standard connectors.
High quality connector 9 pin D-Sub
ensures the highest signal flow.
Reset button clears the memory
and reboots the device forcibly.
OBD2 standarized connection
give us ultimate access
to all modern vehicle sub-systems.
This is how we managed to build
best plug&play performance chip.
The device uses a high-speed and a powerful processor
with built-in FLASH memory.
Extra slim and very flexible cable
simplifies installation.
The device uses a high-speed and a powerful processor with built-in FLASH memory, where you can find a three-dimensional table called the ignition map. Chip OBD2 after connecting dynamically reads data from the vehicle computer and adjusts the accurate parameters.
What you get when you connect the OBD chip II from ProRacing X :
  • Much stronger, more dynamic car - even by about 60HP (increase in power and torque depends on the make, model and power output of the car. In the car Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI 105hp you can safely raise the power by about 25-30hp that is to around 135HP, but in a BMW 535 GT with 299HP you can easily reach 360HP).
  • A significant increase in torque , which is responsible for vehicle dynamics
  • Higher top speed
  • More flexible and stable operation of the engine
  • Much better acceleration – car will better respond to the gas pedal
  • Smoother gears shifting - in cars with automatic transmission
  • Easier engine start-up - also in winter conditions
  • Reduced fuel consumption. Depending on the car - even more than 2L/100km (Fuel consumption in the Octavia 1.9 TDI 105HP fell by 1.2 l/100km, and at the idling from 0.7l / h to 0.5 l / h. In the second tested car - BMW 535 GT 299HP combustion decreased by about 2 liters - during the test cars were exploited delicately, placing the main pressure on the reduction in fuel consumption)
  • In the turbocharged cars, both on gasoline and diesel, reduced turbo lag - car will accelerate smoothly from low rotations.
  • The device connects in the passenger compartment, using standard OBDII diagnostics interface, which is present in every car built after 1996.


Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI
Engine power:
Fuel consumption:

BMW 535 GT R6 3.0
Engine power:
Fuel consumption: